Christmas Splendor Where Simon Truby Settled

Favorite Festive Homes on Truby’s Former Farm

The photo above shows a Christmas cactus in full bloom & the view from the 2nd story hallway of the home built c 1844 by Apollo’s farmer Simon Truby–located at 708 Terrace Ave.

Last weekend, Dec 15-17, 2017, the Apollo area was treated to a beautiful light snowfall. So my daughter & I took the opportunity to snap photos of a few of our favorite Christmas-decorated homes situated on Simon Truby’s former farmland — which extended between N. 6th Street in Apollo and 15th Street in North Apollo, and included Pegtown and some of Oak Hill. Here’s a map of Simon Truby’s farmland, highlighted in green.

I don’t like to name names without permission. So if your home is shown here & you’d like to have your name and/or address listed in the caption, drop me a message at the end of this blog post & I’ll add you to the story.

Here’s a 360 video from the quiet corner of Terrace Ave & N 8th Street in Apollo on Friday Dec 15, 2017. Not many Christmas lights that evening, but a pretty snowfall….

On Terrace Avenue

The home at 800 Terrace Ave, built c 1920, usually has one of the neighborhood’s most elaborate Christmas displays. My photos don’t do it justice.

800 Terrace Ave, Apollo, PA.
The house at 805 Terrace Ave was built c 1922 by farmer Simon Truby’s grandson and namesake, Simon T Truby (1893 – 1976) and his wife Emma.

The two homes above, built c 1890, are on Terrace Ave between N 6th and N 7th Streets. Click on the photos to open up larger versions.


N 6th, 8th, & 9th Streets and Armstrong Ave

During Simon Truby’s lifetime (1806-1886), he laid out and sold residential lots on the southern end of his farmland, along today’s N 6th and N 7th Streets. Most of the lots on N 8th & N 9th Streets were sold after Simon Truby’s death.

The vernacular mill houses on N 9th Street, built c 1890, have had lovely Christmas displays in recent decades. In earlier years, paper bag (or plastic milk jug) luminaries lined the street. But not this year. Even without the candles, though, N 9th Street looks sweet.


On N 8th Street, a charming light display at the home built c 1917 by farmer Simon Truby’s grandson, Seibert Clyde Truby (1881-1920)

409 N 8th Street in Apollo, PA, built c 1917 by S C Truby, son of Henry Truby and Sarah Bell Whitlinger Truby and grandson of farmer Simon Truby.


A pretty display at 513 N 6th Street, at a home built c 1880…shown from 2 different angles.


Also on N 6th Street:


On Armstrong Ave between N 7th and N 8th Streets




North Apollo, up to 15th Street

Simon Truby’s property extended as far north as 15th Street in North Apollo. Here are some favorite Christmas decorations there:

1413 Leonard Street, North Apollo.


Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

If you adore Apollo area history, please  show some love to the Apollo Area Historical Society.  … perhaps by donating some of your time, money, and/or heartfelt appreciation. Visit to learn more about this awesome organization.

– by Vicki Contie
Ellicott City, MD



  1. When my daughter was little, we drove out Terrace and about to look at lights. She sat in her car seat and ooohed at the pretty colorful lights. Thank you for taking me home for Christmas!!!

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  2. When my daughter was little, we drove out Terrace and about to look at lights. She sat in her car seat and ooohed at the pretty colorful lights. Thank you for taking me home for Christmas!!!

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  3. Thank you for these memories. We lived on Terrace Ave beginning during WW II. When dad was serving in the Navy in the Pacific, my sister, Mary Ann McCauley and I, John, and mother, Dora Askins McCauley, were in a rented house. I think it was rented anyway. between 8th and 9th streets. On one side was Mr. Smith and his wife. Mr. Smith worked at the First National Bank. After the war was over and I was about 4, we moved across Terrace Avenue at the top of 8th Street. Between our home and Ms. Lois Snyder’s home, we had a lot that I think we owned that Dad mowed. There was a sand box near the garage which was on the alley behind our home. When I got home from 1st grade, taught by Ms. Snyder, I found everything packed up and we moved to Spring Church where Mother and Dad had bought land and an old house. Great memories. On Terrace Ave, Dwight Guthrie and his family lived next door. His Dad was owed the Chevy garage and was also a member of the PA legislature I believe.

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    1. I can’t remember the house number where I lived from about 1945 to about 1948. Could be the house you lived in. Did you live next to Lois Snyder’s house?

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  4. I remember that at 8th Street and Terrace Ave on the south side of Terrace Ave, Dr. Rowe (hope the spelling is correct) and his family lived there when I lived on the N. side of Terrace Ave. He later moved to the Tucson area and my sister, Mary Ann, met him once. She lived in Phoenix, AZ.

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