Families who lived here

The above image shows Mae & Paul Adams, who owned the Truby farmhouse from 1945 to 1961 (photo courtesy of their granddaughter, Diane Farineau Spears).

In the ~170 years since the house was built, 8 families have owned the house (including 3 generations of Trubys) and at least 1 family has rented.

More about all of these families later.


Read about some of the Truby’s who’ve lived in the farmhouse at 708 Terrace Ave, Apollo:

The Vandervort family had rented the house in the 1930s.


Previous non-Truby owners of the farmhouse have included:

Matthew Leon & Grace E Baer


Mae & Paul Adams



Margie & Dale Hunter (Margie’s parents–Mae & Paul Adams–had owned the house from 1945 to 1961).Margie&DaleHunter-Til1976

Rebecca Contie Frayer


Candis & Edward Boop

Candis & Edward Boop

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