What Happened to Mary Jane and William Henry’s Property in Apollo?

In the years after William Henry Henry’s death in 1882, his widow Mary Jane divided the property into smaller lots, some of which were sold by her and some by her children. The first of these was purchased by Sarah A Withington in 1887 for $400. Look for more about Withington and related land dealings in future blog posts.

By 1915, three buildings were crowded into the lot at the corner of Warren Ave and N 7th Street, where previously only one home stood–the former home of Mary Jane and William Henry Henry.

By 1925, the dwellings in that location would all be torn down and an iconic brick office building erected by Apollo Iron & Steel Company on that property.

Brick office building for Apollo Steel Company, erected before 1925 at the former location of Mary Jane and William H Henry’s house and property. Click image to open larger version.
Apollo Steel office building. In the 1960s and beyond, the building held offices for NUMEC/Babcock & Wilcox. The building was demolished in the 1990s.

By the 1960s, that same building would be home to Babcock & Wilcox/NUMEC. NUMEC’s brick office building was demolished in the 1990s. So Mary Jane and William Henry’s property has once again become a vacant lot at the foot of N 7th Street, as it was back in the 1860s.

Mary Jane & William Henry’s former property (outlined in red) is now once again a vacant lot.

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